Bog plants: Exotic

Most of the plants listed here are sold in 15cm pots or 3L bags. Where container sizes differ this should be noted in the plant description.  Our plant descriptions are based on our own research and observations, and we are always happy to receive additional comments - or corrections! Please feel free to email us at Water plants all looking very wintery at the moment.  Suggest that you wait until September or mid August before you order. 

Alocasia esculenta - Teacup

Common name: Tea cup elephant ear

Description: A tuberous exotic bog perennial with sturdy stems. Heart shaped cup shaped bright green leaves. Plant up to 10cnm under water.
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Canna - Stuttgart

Description: A shade loving rhizomatous exotic perennial. Green leaves with broad white variegation. Apricot flowers in summer. Superb.

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Dichromena colorata

Common name: White star grass

Description: Clump forming exotic perennial with grassy type foliage. White star shaped flowers. Allow for up to 5cm of water above the crown.
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Echinodorus palaefolius

Common name: Giant amazon sword

Description: A Brazilian bog plant with large bright green pointed oval leaves and three petalled white flowers on floral stems. Allow up to 25cm of water above the crown of the plant.
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Nelumbo nucifera

Common name: Lotus flower

Description: Rhizamotous aquatic perennial found on the shallow margins or muddy banks of pools. Circular leaves are held above the water level. Showy fragrant water lily type flowers are borne on long stalks and develop distinctive flat topped seedpods. Uncertain of the colours
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Saururus cernuus

Common name: Lizards tail

Description: Clump forming aquatic plant up to 50cm. Heart shaped bright green leaves and spikes of fragrant white flowers. Can be used in an aquarium.
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Scirpus zebrinus

Common name: Zebra rush

Description: A tall 1.5m exotic rush with leafless stems with vertical cream and green stripes. Cut back hard in autumn to retain the stripes.
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Thalia dealbata

Common name: Water canna - not a real canna!

Description: An aquatic perennial with tall lance-shaped grey green leaves. It has panicles of violet flowers in summer. Gorgeous
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