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Asparagus macowanii

Common name: Ming fern

Description: A threatened and rare indigenous shrub. Tall canes of fluffy tufts of wiry green leaves. Sprays of fragrant white flowers in summer. Bees love it. Looking stunning in the garden in mid-winter.
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Exotic: Kalanchoe variegata tricolor

Common name: Variegated leaf kalanchoe

Description: A rare gorgeous exotic succulent with large fleshy leaves and pink and white variegation on the leaves. Panicles of apricot flowers from summer to autumn. Coped well with this years cold fronts in my garden.
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Exotic: Libertia formosa

Common name: Satin flower

Description: A clump forming exotic perennial with a basal fan of spiky sword like leaves. Spikes of white bowl shaped flowers in summer.
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Exotic: Moringa oleifera

Common name: Moringa miracle tree

Description: Fast growing exotic tree with smooth bark and feathery leaves. Sprays of small cream flowers from sum - aut. Medicinal and edible
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Exotic: Salvia - Burning embers

Description: A woody based exotic perennial with rusty stems and tall spikes of fragrant orangey coral flowers all season. Cut back after flowering. Attracts bees, butterflies and moths.

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Indigenous: Cyrtanthus breviflorus

Common name: Yellow fire lily

Description: A bulb with strap-shaped leaves that grows in marshy areas. Tubular scented bright yellow flowers mainly in spring. Multiplies rapidly. Bulb edible.
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Indigenous: Metarungia pubinervia

Common name: Red sunbird bush

Description: Rare well shaped shrub quilted dark green leaves. Tubular red flowers are produced on the upperside of branches. Attracts sunbirds and insects. Only discovered in the Kranzkloof Nature Reserve in Kloof in 2000!
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Indigenous: Stipa dregeana

Common name: Bushmans grass

Description: A tufted indigenous gras with lax clumps of lime green leaves. Panicles of golden spikelets in summer. Gorgeous. Self seeds. Host plants for butterflies.
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