Species: Begonias


The begonia genus of over 1000 species has given rise to over 10,000 hybrids and cultivars. This gives some idea of the variety and the popularity of these plants.  They can be divided into bedding plants, indoor plants, and foliage plants, but many species are suitable for all three purposes. Begonias are widespread in tropical and subtropical regions and most are frost tender while some are half hardy. They have three root forms, some growing from tubers, some from rhizomes, while the rest have fibrous roots. The tuberous species are mostly deciduous, while the rest are evergreen or partially so.

Begonias grow in light, well-drained neutral to slightly acid potting compost, in bright light, with shade from the hottest sun.  Water moderately when in growth, sparingly in winter, and apply a balanced fertilizer regularly in the season.  Many begonias can be planted in the garden but also make good indoor or patio plants.  All species and some cultivars can be propagated by seeds, but we propagate all our plants from leaf and stem cuttings in spring and summer. Some tufted and rhizomatous sorts may also be divided, and tubers may be cut into sections after they have started to grow.

At Petal Faire Nursery we collect, propagate and sell the foliage begonias which have asymmetrical leaves in a wide variety of shapes and colours.  These are divided into tuberous, Rex type and cane stemmed begonias.

I started collecting begonias around 2012, more as a response to many enquiries, than from any enthusiasm on my part. I have always been loath to get involved with “soft indoor type” plant, hence my initial hesitation in growing streptocarpus.  However I have been fascinated by the wonderful array of begonias that are available and once we managed to propagate our own we were just hooked!  Please enjoy our extensive selection of fabulous plants.


Plants will only be available in mid December 2019