Species: Salvias


Few groups of plants add as much to a garden as salvias. They are as diverse in fragrance as they are in bloom, habit and colour. Plants of beauty and bearing, salvias are especially popular with those who garden for pleasure, mainly because they are reliable plants which are easy to grow.

The genus Salvia has the truest blues and brightest reds of any group of plants, and some species also have strikingly large flowers.
Salvias are effective in a sunny border. Salvias provide brilliant colour for bedding, infilling or containers.  They are a source of nectar and pollen for birds, butterflies and bees and will attract them to the garden.

They can be propagated with seeds and or cuttings.  Some perennials can be divided in spring.
Grow salvias in light, moderately fertile, humus rich moist but well-drained soil in full sun to light, dappled shade.

They are reasonable immune from attacks from bad insects although snails may sometimes be a problem.