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Exotic - Cistus x agularii

Common name:

Description: RARE rounded Mediterranean shrub with oval crinkled leaves and large yellow stamened white flowers. Attracts butterflies.
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Exotic - Jasminum sambac

Common name: Arabian jasmine

Description: A bushy scrambling exotic climber with strongly scented white flowers in spring. Lovely.
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Exotic - Tradescantia virginiana

Common name: Spider lily

Description: A tough low growing perennial with fleshy strap like leaves and heads of three petalled flowers all season. We have them in near-white, pink, blue and purple.
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Exotic - Vitex agnus-castus

Common name: Blue Chaste tree

Description: An upright exotic shrub with palmate toothed aromatic leaves. Sprays of fragrant lilac flowers from summer to autumn. I think this is a stunning garden plant!
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Indigenous - Dyschoriste thunbergiiflora

Common name: Purple bells

Description: A gorgeous rounded indigenous shrub with deep violet trumpet shaped flowers in summer. Waterwise
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Indigenous - Ornithogalum juncifolia

Common name: Star of Bethlehem

Description: A gorgeous indigenous bulb with spikey grass like foliage and white star like flowers all summer. Multiplies well. Such an underrated plant!
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Indigenous - Schotia brachypetala

Common name: Huilboerboon

Description: Attractive indigenous tree with large densely branched canopy. Clusters of gorgeous red flowers. Attracts birds and bees to the garden.
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Indigenous - Strophanthus speciosus

Common name: Corkscrew flower

Description: A scrambling woody based indigenous climber / shrub with scented yellow starfish shaped flowers in spring.Attracts Birds. The leaves, seeds and latex are poisonous.
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