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Exotic: Mandevilla laxa

Common name: Chilean jasmine

Description: A vigorous, woody, twining vine. Fragrant white trumpet flowers, good for cut flowers, are borne in profusion in summer. Prune in late winter.
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Exotic: Neomarica caerulea

Common name: Royal blue neomarica

Description: Large rhizomatous perennial with gorgeous brown centred scented dark blue flowers. Use in mixed border or as accent plant.
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Exotic: Nymphaea hybrids

Common name: Water lilies

Description: Herbaceous submerged aquatic perennial with round floating leaves. Many colours in stock. Feed monthly. For more information and list of cultivars Species: Water lilies
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Exotic: Phlomis lanata

Common name: Small Jerusalem sage

Description: A compact Mediterranean shrublet with woolly crinkly grey green leaves and whorls of yellow flowers. Waterwise.
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Indigenous: Bauhinia natalensis

Common name: Natal bauhinia

Description: A dainty rounded shrub with roundish two lobed green leaves and scented delicate crinkly white flowers. Attracts butterflies. 20l bags
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Indigenous: Kniphofia ensifolia

Common name: Torch lily

Description: A sturdy indigenous perennial with erect grey green deeply keeled leaves. Tall spikes with lemon flowers in spring. Attracts birds and insects.
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Indigenous: Senecio rhomboideus

Common name:

Description: A gorgeous indigenous succulent with elongated tubers and large toothed grey green leaves. Sprays of yellow flowers in summer.
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Indigenous: Erythrina acanthocarpa

Common name: Tamboekiedoring

Description: Rare gorgeous indigenous shrub with underground root stock and compound leaves. Brilliant red and yellow flowers in late spring.
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